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Negombo Open Market

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Albert Fahil

Negombo has shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, hardware shops, hotels, restaurants, pubs and every other type of places to buy whatever item people need. In fact, it is an open market that matches with many other major cities in the Sri Lankan soil. Tourists to Negombo find no difficulties in finding whatever food item, garments, jewelleries, medcines, hardware, software, IT components, mobiles, gifts, flowers, or any other in its open market expanded by now to every corner of the city and its suburbs in the guise of micro and macro shops.
Fresh Sea food, which is rare at other places in the island, is easily available from the Negombo Fish Market. It is located at the Old Dutch Fort and open to public every day but Sundays. One can find a large variety of small fishes such as shrimps, prawns, lobsters, crabs etc as well as fairly large fishes such as seers, skipjack tuna, yellowfin tuna etc in the open fish market. Tourists can taste delicious cuisines made of fresh fishes at most Negombo hotels small and big.

Negombo open market consists of many famous jewellery shops such as Cartier Jewel shop situated at 265b Lewis Place, Kornblumen Gems & Jewels at No. 181, Poruthota Road, Ettukala and Dinesh Gold House at No. 165, Main Street, Negombo. Dazzling gift items are also available from most of Negombo jewel shops as well. Household items and groceries can be bought from many small, medium, large and supermarkets. David Supermarket, Keells and Ranweli Super Market are famous places in Negombo and suburbs.

To purchase medicines, the city open market has many pharmacies. Negombo Pharmacy at No. 44/1, Green Road, Negombo, Unique Pharmacy at No. 149, Colombo Road, Fatima Chemists at 30 De Croos Road, Negombo,  The New Pharmacy at No. 1\39, Main Street, Negombo

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